The PTE recently held a Box Tops for Education contest and it was a big success! Over 14,000 box tops were collected in first period classes, each worth ten cents, raising over $1,407. The top five classes received prizes.

Here are the contest results:

  • Mr. LaSota’s class averaged 32 box tops per student.
  • Ms. Mammoser’s class averaged 31 box tops per student.
  • Ms. Lange’s class averaged 29 box tops per student.
  • Ms. Black’s class averaged 27.5 box tops per student.
  • Ms. Brummel’s class averaged 27 box tops per student.

Prizes were donated by Marco’s Pizza (Cheezy Bread), The Dogfather (Hot Dog, Fries, Drink), Bartlett Candy House (Candy Bar), and V&V Paesano Pizzeria ($10 gift cards - used for top 3 teachers). Thanks to all of our prize donors! Eastview also purchased Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins for a class.

Find out more about the Box Tops for Education program here. Parents can sign up for chances to win box tops, coupons, and find a list of participating products.

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