The Midwest PBIS Network awarded 47 out of the district’s 53 schools with one of four levels of recognition, from bronze to platinum, based on each school’s level of implementation practices and outcomes. Larkin is also one of three schools, along with Bartlett High School and Eastview Middle School, to earn first-time recognition this year through the organization.

PBIS stands for “Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.”

PBIS really works and its one of the reasons we’ve been able to reduce suspensions and expulsions in our schools,” said Tony Sanders, Chief Executive Officer at U-46. “We applaud our staff, students and families for their dedication to this more comprehensive and holistic approach to improving school culture and safety so that we can better focus on teaching and learning.”

PBIS is a schoolwide approach to establishing school culture and responding to discipline issues that emphasize proactive measures including:

  • Defining and teaching behavioral expectations
  • Acknowledging appropriate behavior
  • Applying a continuum of interventions and supports to address problem behavior
  • Systematically collecting and using data for decision making

District teachers and administrators note that PBIS offers a systematic way to identify students who need help and provide students with that help. It offers an organized and intentional process for ensuring students get the targeted support they need.

The district has implemented PBIS and other approaches and initiatives to hold students accountable and keep them in school rather than applying out-of-school suspensions or expulsions. This has helped the district reduce its out-of-school suspensions from 7,082 to 1,827 in seven years, between 2008 and 2015, and has cut the number of expulsions from 16 in 2013-14 to one last school year.

While PBIS focuses on shaping behavior, the approach positively impacts quality of teaching and learning in academic areas as well.

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