We’d like to thank all the families that have paid their PTE dues. With the money we have collected to date, we were able to purchase this year’s Step Up To Writing Program for students. It is not too late to continue to help the school by paying your dues. We currently have about 885 families at Eastview and we have collected from about 104 of them. We ask each family to make a $30 donation each school year.

Your donation will enable the PTE to continue to supply our students and teachers with more technology and school assemblies. This year’s plan is to purchase additional laptops for the technology carts we already have. The carts are capable of holding 30 laptops but currently only have about 18. Purchasing additional laptops will help the students and staff. We are also looking into purchasing additional carts.

All donations to the PTE are tax deductible.

Please download and print this form (PDF) and return it with your student to his/her 1st period class. Make checks payable to the PTE. Thanks for contributing!

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